Technology's Latest Water Proof Surfaces

Water proof technologies have proven very useful in our daily lives. It protects a lot of our belongings from getting wet or getting dysfunctional because of water messing up with the system. Since the demand for water proof surfaces is high, scientists and professors look for ways to discover more powerful strategies to implement water proof function in different goods.

Julie Crockett and Dan Maynes have recently created super-hydrophobic slope channel or simply the highest design of water proof. Both engineers studied super-hydrophobic surfaces for decades because they believe that such discovery will lead to improve the water proofing most of the products we use daily rely to. The study they are undergoing will lead to better incorporation of keeping water from touching products that would get broken when penetrated by liquid. One of the products we can see benefitting from the discovery is roof waterproofing. We all love to keep the color design of our roof and would love to make sure that the rain will not destroy the paint.

The result Crockett and Maynes are looking forward to with their study is to better identify the properties of the super-hydrophobic materials and how can they be of use with products needing water proof surfaces. Their contribution was recently published in an academic journal titled Physics of Fluids where they discussed how coating a surface with hydrophobic substance increases the water resistance level. They are focusing on a larger scale usage of their thesis not just commercial uses of it like waterproofing in Singapore. They are hoping that the society will get something beneficial from this.

Some areas where application of the super-hydrophobic surfaces will be profitable includes:

– Strength of ships or hulls of ships need better water proof system to keep the ship intact without holes where water might penetrate. These part of the ship is the most important section that needs to be checked if it is water tight.

– Airplane wings and tails can take advantage of a better water proofing system since it is fatal for it to catch droplets of liquid in the sky then quickly turn to ice. This will cause aerodynamic stall that will lead to loss of control and potentially air crash.

– Solar panels won't just keep the water from breaking the system it can also serve as a way to clean itself when the rain comes.

– Bathroom tiles, toilets, showers, etc. can ultimately profit from the study to lessen the hard water spots in them.