Make sure to follow the instructions in order to complete this assignment!

Welcome to our fun lesson about Caring for our planet!

1.) After reading this page, click on the "next" button. You will be taken to the Eeko kids, Eeko House.  Listen to Mr. Parrots story and click around the Eeko house for things that you can learn to care for your planet. Make sure to pay attention because you will be asked questions about what you learned.

2.) Once you are done with Eeko house, click the "next" button and you will be taken to the page that has you questions. Answer them on a separate sheet of paper and write down the points you got from the Eeko house game.

3.) Once you are done with your questions you may click the "next" button and play the  Magic School Bus endangered species game. Make sure you pay attention and realize what kind of endangered animals live in what places!

4.) After you are done with the Magic School Bus game, go on to the next page and read the pledge. Sign your name on the sheet of paper that you answered your questions on and click the "next" button.

5.) When you are in the "How are parents can help" page, you can click the PRINT button and take it home to your parents. This helps spread the word, so they can also help take care of our planet!

6.) Once you are done printing, go ahead and click the "next" button and play the games on the right hand of the webpage.

            Hooray!! You are done!! You now know how to take care of your planet!!

             Make sure to let your friends and family know what they can do to help!

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