Monday Memo

Curriculum Focus

Five teacher actions that have the greatest impact on student learning:

  1. They use students' mistakes to improve instruction. Teachers who are best at spotting why a 3rd grader would think that 307-168=261 are the most successful at improving students' math performance. The best teachers put themselves in their students' shoes.
  2. They are precise in their instruction. Best practice is to eradicate ambiguity, respond to misbehavior with specificity and describe the desired behavior rather than the problem.
  3. They encourage deeper thinking. Have students explain how and why  and to initiate the solution to a problem.
  4. They cold-call. Calling on students whose hands are not raised gets much more mileage from each question, increasing the chance that all students will be thinking through the answer.
  5. They show more than tell. It's most effective to show students the invisible mental steps that go into effective performance - making your thinking visible.


Kathy Edwards will be giving you a math packet called First in Math. All the directions are in the packet. The District bought this program for each school.  Please try this out and give feedback to your grade level rep.  

FIRST IN MATH (online program)

  • NOT in place of SM7
  • Its a practice of skills program
  • Designed to give students EXTRA practice from home and school
  • Highly engaging (game based)-students earn electronic stickers
  • These can be earned quickly and also can not be taken away
  • Students can compete with the state, district, school, grade level, or class by earning the most stickers

Please watch the video Everyday Miracles linked below.

    IPDP Training

    Thank you all so much for attending the optional training with Lora McCallister last week.  The AMO data has been provided to you.  See a colleague for a copy if you have misplaced yours.  Also, below is a link to a recorded presentation of the IPDP information by Lora.

    Important Information

    Vocabulary Parade will be on Nov. 7th

    • At 8:15 am, K-2 students will parade while 3-5 students stand outside their rooms and watch. (parents will also stand outside of their students classroom to watch)
    • At 9:00 am, 3-5 students will parade while k-2 students and parents stand outside of classrooms and watch :)

    It’s time to build anticipation among the students about the parade. Read the book Miss Alaineus: A Vocabulary Disaster aloud to your students. Then watch the videos on Debra Frasier’s website, in which she discusses her process for writing the book. There is also a video and a slide show of vocabulary parades at other schools, which should give your students some inspiration.

    We will be sending home a save-the-date “teaser” flyer at the beginning of the week to let families know about the upcoming event, but don’t send out the word lists yet. Let the anticipation build while the students brainstorm possible words and costume ideas in class. Maybe create a chart with the students where we collect vocabulary ideas for costumes.

    This Week....

    Monday: Kdg- 2nd grade Dance Team Practice

    Tuesday: Fall Retakes

    Wednesday:  Faculty Meeting

    Thursday: Fire Drill; Glenda is out

    Friday: No School!!

    Coming Up...

    Monday 10/13: No School

    Tuesday 10/14: K-Kids

    Wednesday 10/15:  

    Thursday 10/16:

    Friday 10/17: Hat Day

    Happy Birthday

                                                    Oct. 9th - Mark Quinn & Sheila Laberdesque,                                                                 Oct. 11th - Valerie King

    Reflection Question

    How can you encourage students  to use feedback  from you or from other students in  their learning?

    Wall Wisher Link

    Thank you so much for attending the assembly. I am so thankful you guys are flexible.