Ancient Egypt

By Grace Mathis

Caption: The eye of Horus

Gods and Godesses

Egyptians were polytheistic, believing in many gods. Like Ra, the sun god, or Horus, the god of the sky. Here's a list of all of the Egyptian gods.

Ra: God of the sun

Horus: God of the sun

Ra-Horakhte: The rising sun

Amun: King of the gods

Osiris: God of the underworld

Anubis: God of mummification

Khnum: God of flooding

Thoth: God of writing

Isis: Protective goddess

Ma'at: Goddess of justice, harmony, and truth

Nephthys: Protective goddess of dead

Ptal: God of craftsman

Bastet: Protective goddess

Bes: God of family

Geb: God of the earth

Hathor: Goddess of joy and love


In ancient Egypt, pyramids were used as tombs for the pharaoh.  They protected the mummies as they were on their journey to the after-life. Pyramids would also keep all of the dead pharaohs gold belongings, for example the sarcophagus were usually made out of solid gold, and the coffin too. Once the tombs were sealed, they usually had a curse put on them in hieroglyphics. Unfortunately, grave robbers didn't care. They would go in or do whatever it took to get the gold in the tomb. The people who would mummify or carry in the body to the tomb would use a curse to attempt to rob the tombs.

Caption: Pyramid in Egypt


There were many pharaohs in ancient Egypt. The most famous pharaoh is probably King Tutankhamen. In 1922 he was discovered by Howard Carter. Many people believe that King Tut has a curse on him or either the things that happened were just a coincidence. Another famous pharaoh would be King Khufu. King Khufu was the one who ordered for the Great Pyramid, in Giza, to be built. Without him, we probably wouldn't have a historical landmark today.

Caption: Statue of pharaoh


There were 6 steps to the mummification process in Ancient Egypt. They had to be very delicate and calm in this process to do it right or else they could be arrested or worse. The first step to the mummification process was announcing it. They had to let everybody know that the pharaoh was dead. The second step to this process was the removing of the brain.