Katia's Much Ado Retelling

Don John

Don John: I have heard that there will be a love connection going on at the party tonight.

Borachio: And who must these love connections be  between?

Don John: My brother is going to woo Hero for the Nobel Claudio. We mus make Claudio believe otherwise.

Don John: (to Claudio) I have to confess, I have heard from thine own mouth Don Pedro, my brother confess his love for the Hero.

Don John thoughts: Claudio is angered and takes action until he finds out that Don Pedro actually helped him. Hero and Claudio falls in love and now my brother has a scheme to make Beatrice and Benedick love.


Don John Thoughts: Now I've heard that there's some people involved to get Benedick and Beatrice to love each other. How foolish is this? Everyone knows that there is enmity between the two. How absurd. There is too much love in the air, I need to put an end to this.

Don John: (to Claudio and Don Pedro) I need you to come see this for I myself have proof that Hero is a common stale.

Claudio: A common stale you say?

Don John: I can take you there follow me

Don John Thoughts: I believe i have done it, there shall be no marriage. Her name will be ruin and his love shall not continue.


Borachio: It was me you saw having intercourse with Margret who was dressed as the Hero.  There was a plan to ruin the wedding. Now she is dead and her name was slandered.

Don John Thoughts: I did all this hard work for nothing! The marriage still took place, I was still not noticed but for only of my words of slander. I tired to make Claudio believe that Don Pedro, my brother was going to woo Hero for himself and failed. I slandered the innocent Hero's named and still failed. Everyone has a happily ever after but me, who is left to rot in jail!

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