I-phone anxiety

How separation from your I-phone can cause you anxiety


Many people now own some sort of smart phone and as we continue to evolve in electronics they start to play a larger role in everyones daily life. Studies show that I- phones cause more stress then most people realize. I-phones are now know as an extension so ourselves, when we are not near our phone we feel as if we are lessing ourself. This can cause negative effects to one self. This can cause a jump in blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. The result is as many less expect but to keep your phone with you when you have a task that requires a lot of attention given from you.

My reaction to this article does not surprise me. I- phones are becoming very addicting and not only that but to carry out tasks in our daily lives such as alarm clock or calendar. We rely on I- phones so much our world revolves around them. Teens are easily distracted during school and work because they are so focused about their smart phones. The effect they leave on us is negative and can cause more stress in our lives. I would have never thought that being without ones phone could cause anxiety and it be a serious matter. I thought I-phones caused a few issues but not to the extent of anxiety. To me it does not make sense as the way to fix your issues with your I-phone. I would have thought you would leave it somewhere away from you. Having it on you while needing to complete a task is distracting and can tempt you which can cause even more distraction.

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