Indoor Volleyball

By: Lauren


               Volleyball huh, do you even know how to play volleyball? If you do that’s great. But if you don’t then this is you type of book … Wait a second do you want to play indoor or beach Volleyball because this is a full on indoor volleyball book. Looks like it’s indoor volleyball so grab a volleyball and kneepads and we can get started.


             .            So you want to play indoor volley ball. Well you need some supplies. Go to the nearest sports store and get kneepads and a volleyball (I would recommend a volleylite.) Well that’s really all you need beside this book.


        Bumping is simple. Just follow these steps, 1. Put one of your hands in a fist. 2. Cover it with your other hand. 3.  Make sure your thumbs are not crossed and that they stay side to side. 4. Do not swing your arms back lift your shoulders instead. 5. Stay on your feet, you may have seen people get down on their knees to bump the ball, but that is for more advanced players.


         By this point you should be at least decent at volleyball. So that means you can handle setting. You usually set the ball so someone can spike it. Okay I want you to picture this now; it’s you against another person on the other team. The opponent bumps the ball over to you. You want to impress them so you … wait you don’t know. Fine I’ll tell you, you set. You don’t know how to set. It’s okay I will teach you. When the ball is up in the air just in front of you, wait I need to teach you the first step. Make your hands have open fingers and use you index finger and thumb on both hands to form a triangle. When the ball is up in the air just in front of you use the triangle you made a second ago to push the ball up. When you push also push your hands out from the triangle to four fingers on each hand. Well, that’s basically how you set.


     Great now you know how to set. Now you need to know how to spike. Let’s just say well setting and spiking is basically in an alliance with each other. If you don’t have a set most likely you don’t have a spike. Spiking is kind of advanced so pay attention. First, you need to learn the approach. Left foot, right foot, left foot, and together jump. But, that’s only if you’re right handed. If you’re left handed its right foot, left foot, right foot, together, jump. After you jump smack the ball with a hard hand and you know how to spike!

Fun Fact
If you can’t get the ball over the net the first time and you have a brother or sister that get on your nerves, pretend that the ball is there face and smack it over.      


Wow, you’ve made it to one of the most important steps in the volley ball world. Serving. I will split it up into two different sections because there two different ways to serve.


Overhand serving is more advanced. Pay attention to the steps. 1.Put the ball in your left hand. 2. Hold the ball in front of you. Hit it with your right hand like a spike! Make sure you hit with a hard hand.


         Underhand serving is the easiest of all serving. But there are a lot of steps. For one if you’re right handed that’s good because that is how I’m going to teach it. If you’re left handed just do the opposite that I say. Put the ball in your left hand and put your left foot in front of you. Make your right hand a fist, swing back and hit the ball.

2012 Olympics

Olympics yes 2012 London Olympics. For indoor Brazil took gold, USA got silver, and japan took bronze.

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