Noradic Combined

By: Shelby Runkle & Marina Majdandzic


Nordic Combined is a sport that involves both two events of ski jumping and cross country skiing. This outdoor sport has been in the Olympics since 1924, and has many different races for scoring. Individual is just one person competing and team is when you work with your partners to win.


Nordic combined was first started as a form of transportation through heavy snow for hunting within Norway. Since traveling through snow was crucial in snowier countries, this form of skiing quickly became popular. It was then included in the Holmenkollen Ski Festival, where Nordic Combined was the main attraction. In general, Nordic combined has been in the winter games since 1924.


The 2014 Winter Olympics had three different races where you could win medals. There was the Individual Gundersen NH/10 km Cross Country, Individual Gundersen LH/ 10 km Cross Country, and Team Gundersen LH/ 4x5 Cross Country. The final results were, Indiv. NH Cross Country: Gold- Eric Frenzel Silver- Akito Watabe Bronze- Magnus Krog Indiv. LH Cross Country: Gold- Joergan Graabak Silver- Magnus Moan Bronze- Fabian Riessle. Team LH/4x5 Cross Country: Gold- Norway Silver- Germany Bronze- Austria.

The results for each country were Norway-4 medals, Germany- 3 medals, Japan- 1 medal, and Austria- 1 medal.


Equipment of Noradic Combined Includes:

Ski Jump:



-Connection Cord

-Ski jumping suit

-Jumping Skis

Cross Country:








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