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Rowland 1st Period


Taxonomy can be defined as the science of naming organisms and categorizing them into separate groups. The groups they are separated to all have similar characteristics within the group. The seven levels of taxonomy include: kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

Taxonomy of a Koala Bear

Kingdom- Animalia - The koala is an animal, many more are like it

Phylum- Chordata - It has a spinal cord

Class- Mammalia - It is a mammal so it feeds its young with milk and has fur

Order- Diprotodontia - The 2nd & 3rd toes on its hind feet are fused together, except for its claws, and it also has a single pair of incisors in its lower jaws

Family- Phascolarctidae - The koala is the only one

Genus- Pascolarctos

Species- Cinereus

Where is the Koala Located?

The koala can be found Queensland, New South Whales, Victoria, and South Australia.

Life of a Koala Bear

While Koalas are in the newborn/infant stage they are called joeys. At birth a joey is about 2 centimeters long, has no fur and its eyes and ears are not yet formed! After making its way through the birth canal by itself the joey stays inside the moms pouch for a first few months of its life as it only drink its mothers milk.

From about 5-6 months the joey feeds upon "pap", pap is soft and runny form of the mother's droppings. By 7 months the joey leaves the pouch for longer periods of time on its mothers abdomen or back. Around 1 to 2 years of age a young koala can take care of itself. By their 3rd or 4th year they are fully grown. From about August to March the breeding season runs, females start breeding at about 3-4 years. They usually have one joey per year, but not all breed each year.

In a good habitat a koala can live for about 10 years, while female koala may life a few years longer. But in suburban areas might only survive for a few weeks, months, or years. Dangers include cars, dogs, and having to live in a damaged habitat.

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