My Top 10 Candy Bars

P. Railsback ~ BIM

Are you a certified chocoholic? Or do you love candy?
You will create a list of your top 10 candy bars ranking them in order from 1 to 10 with 1 being your favorite. Many online wholesalers market all of these candy bars in bulk, making the cost per unit lower and the savings "oh so sweet" to their customers.

The following activity illustrates how spreadsheets can be used to list your top 10 candy bars and the average savings for purchasing through various online distributors.


1. Create a NEW spreadsheet.
*unless otherwise stated, the font should be 12 point Arial

2. Type the data as shown below.

3. In cell A1 Change the font size to 18 point, bold and merge and center.

4. In row 3 - Auto Fit your data, Center align, Bold and Underline.

5. Fill in Column B with y0ur candy bar choices. Research your candy bars and fill in the data in columns C, F and G.

6. Format cells C4 - E13 as currency style displaying 2 decimal places and the $ symbol.

7. Use the AutoFill feature to complete the numbering sequence in Column A to RANK the candy bars.

8. Compute the formulas for the first candy bar as follows (assume the average discount is 15%):
a. WHOLESALE DISCOUNT=36 COUNT PRICE*15% ~ in cell D4, type =C4*15%

9. Use the AutoFill feature to copy the formulas down for the remaining candy bars.

10. Insert a column between column B and column C. Move the CALORIE COUNT column to the newly inserted column.

11. Insert a header:Left - your name; middle - Top 10 Candy Bars; right - current date

12. Use the tools you have learned to Format your spreadsheet so that it is visually appealing.

13. Save the spreadsheet as - Candy Bars_your name.

14. Carefully Proofread your work for accuracy and Upload to netSchool

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