Henry Hudson


Henry Hudson 4-402

In 1607, on May Henry Hudson began preparing for the first of his four famous journeys of exploring  through the Atlantic . Henry Hudson was a bold English sea explorer of the 17 century.Hudson had three ships name the Hopewell the Half moon and the Discovery. sailing on his Hopewell he and his crew reached Greenland on June they continued to sail untill they reached the Whales Bay and farther north. Hudson thought heading towards a different direction. he did not find any waterway. By the beginning of May the ship had lost sight of the English coast for six weeks Hudson and his crew sail northwest through the Atlantic. As Hudson made his way north be began to suspect the worst by the end of July he was about 575 miles away from the north pole Hudson soon realized the Hopewell would never make it past the north pole. In the middle of the summer the arctic waters were thic with ice. Hudson could see no way to sail through the ice. the Hopewell reached  London in mid September. although Hudson had not succeed in his goal of finding a route across the North Pole to Asia he is still remember as a early explorer.

Henry Hudson last journey in 1610 was in bay Canada. Some crew members decided they no longer want to followed Hudson order.

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