Life back in British colonies

Rayann Moudy and Guadalupe Mayorga

What was life like for a British colony

It was pretty difficult for new comers back then in British colonies. The houses were small and rough places that was made out of mud. The house consisted of two rooms: a great room for cooking, sewing, and sleeping and an upstairs room for the kids to sleep in.

When ever you had to build something, the whole town pitched in. You had to work since day to night. The men had to hunt, plan, and harvest, but the women had to care for the children, cook, clean, wash, sew, and gather any herbs. Also the kids worked. Boys helped their fathers in the garden and girls had to learn the skills their mother have.

Meal times, in the colonial days, were prepared by woman that had to get up before daybreak. They had to fetch water from the well in the backyard to boil it for the meal. Bread was made from flour, meat was freshly butchered, and pickled meat with dried fruits was eaten with every meals. At dinner time, the adults sat at either homemade chairs and tables or imported from a different colony, but the kids were expected to stand at the dinner table or at a table set just for them were they still were expected to stand.