By: Riley smith


Biotic Factors

There are many plants and animals that live in the tundra. Some of these animals include mousse, Ermine, polar bears, arctic fox, white wolves, grizzly bears, gray falcons, wasps, bumble bees, squirrels, bison, mountain goats, penguins, fish, and seals!

The Tundra has a lot of plant life within this biome. Some common plants include arctic moss, Caribou moss,  willow, Pasque Flower, and the Tufted Saxifrage. The animals in the tundra eat these plants to survive!

A-Biotic Factors

There are many abiotic factors in the tundra such as: air temp, mountains, sun, water, rocks, ice, and snow!

Carrying Capcity

Carrying Capacity is the maximum amount of organisms an environment can hold depending on the resource to animal ratio.

My ecosystem is dependent on many things such as, prey, predators, and plants.

If the seal population was low the polar bear population is high and vice versa.

limiting Factors

limiting factor resources or environmental conditions that limit the growth of an organism or a population in an ecosystem.

A classic predator and prey relationship is the seal and polar bear as seen in the pics above. A limiting factor in this is the limitation of fish in the sea. If there is an abundance of fish the seal population with wither away and so will the polar bears.

Food web

Energy roles in an ecosystem are the roles taken up by organisms to keep the ecosystem alive. Here is the food web:

Food webs are more realistic than food Chains because Grass is eaten by more than one animal and bears eat more than one thing.

if i removed the seals from my eco the polar bears would have a decrease in population due to the shortage of food for the bears.

Food Pyramid

The reason behind the pyramid shape is that the shape represents the energy being transferred  from one organism to the next.  

The producers are at the bottom Because they get direct energy from the sun. The third level consumers are at the top because they get the least energy because only 10% is passed on. The 90% is used to keep alive.


Photosynthesis is a process used by plants to convert light energy, from the Sun, into chemical energy that can be later reused to feed the organism.

This is the equation used to explain photosynthesis. This process happens to feed the plant


tropisim is: the turning of all or part of an organism in a particular direction in response to an external stimulus.

Tropisims in the tundra are important because some organisms eat plants and most eat them.

For picture go to food pyramid.


if there were no decomposers in the tundra then you would just see millions of dead animals spread all across the open, and icy plain.

in my ecosystem you can find mostly mushrooms


Adaptation helps animals survive. the polar bear adapted by changing their fur color to white to help them hunt.

If i placed an animal such as the brown bear in my ecosystem it would just simply die because it would not be able to find its natural food source.

Natural selection  

Natural selection is shown in the bear population, the brown and black bear species died ot because it couldn't sneak up on seals to eat but the polar bears can.

natural selection is: the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. The theory of its action was first fully expounded by Charles Darwin and is now believed to be the main process that brings about evolution.

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