Making a Beautiful Ribbed Paper Gift Bag

Maybe too often have people seen the ugly and lazy designs of ribbed paper stuffs that when it comes to the ribbed paper gift bag, they would naturally link it with simplicity and stiffness. But actually there are no bad designs in the world but lazy and bad designers. With a little imagination and alteration, the ribbed paper gift bag can still be colorful and useful. By paying attentions to the color organizations and contrasts and the decoration of each rib, we could make a ribbed paper gift bag that as beautiful and colorful as the others. And by carefully choosing the papers for the paper foldable box, we can make a interesting and useful bag for our gift.

First, paper choosing. The paper for the ribbed paper gift bag should not be too stiff and hard. Although the stiff and rigid paper is easier to keep its shape, which is also its weakness, for once pressed, it would be difficult for it to return to its original shape, which is a disaster for the ribbed paper gift bag. The paper for the ribbed paper gift bag should be softer and more flexible, just like the rubbers, which is easier for it to memorize its original shape and stick to it. Moreover, flexibility is also an advantage of the ribbed paper gift bag, for it has more space in it.

Second, paper decorating. For convenience, some designers will follow the same way of painting the flat papers in decorating the ribbed papers, which will make the images incomplete, for the shadow and hindrance of the ribs will hide some parts of the picture and we could not see a panorama. In light of this fact, designers, when decorating the ribbed paper gift bag, should take the ribs into consideration and do something to deal with them, such as arranging the color differently or painting directly on the ribs.

Thirdly, color contrasts. Different from the flat cardboard gift box, the ribs of the ribbed paper gift bag will make the same color seem different in our eyes. The color on the ribs will seem brighter, while the color between the ribs dimmer. Therefore, two totally paradoxical ways can be introduced in tackling the fact. First, we can lessen the contrast of the color by using lighter color between the ribs so that it will look almost the same; second, use the color contrast as a decoration, which means it beautiful by arranging the color contrast purposely. For example, we can use the red color next to the green, which will make a comfortable and joyful contrast to our eyes.

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