Bruce Jenner Transformation

Kardashians family secret

Celebrity Drama Online

See the latest in what is known as  popular feed headlines on dailymail, here you will be able to check on the status of the kardashian empire family drama. the latest is that Bruce Jenner is transforming himself into becoming a woman and the family is divided. He has support from his kids in his first two marriages and the children from kris jenner are feeling devastated of the news of how their former olympian is wanting to change his gender on national television. Kim Khloe, Kendall, Kylie and Kourtney are going to do a Eonline special where they discuss their feelings about bruce and his transgender process. Kanye west who is married to kim has helped the star to come to grips with understanding how her stepdad is wanting to live his life true to himself. Kim Kardashian has been seen on talk shows discussing her close relationship to her father. The siblings have grown up on a reality tv show where they showed the world everything about their family but the story about their father bruce was never discussed until now. The E network has just inked a deal worth 100 million dollars that is to include many spin off shows such as ones with kanye north west and kim along with kendall and kylie who are now getting attention for modeling.

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