1st Period

September 8, 2014


My first deep sea fishing trip.

It all began around 3'o clock in the morning when me, my dad, and my uncle got out of our beds from one hour of sleep. We were supposed to be at my uncle's friend's workshop at 2:30, to get the boat ready with the other people, so we got ready super fast and got in the car. Since we were late we decide to go to the next checkpoint which was at Buc-ee's. We were there to fill the boat up with gas, while we were there I went into Buc-ee's to get some breakfast. When every one else was done we took off to the port. When we reached the port we loaded the boat into the water and took off, while we were driving to the destination I started feeling sea sick so my dad told me to go to sleep, so i did. When I finally woke up we were around 150 miles in the Gulf of Mexico, luckily I woke up just in time to fish. While we were fishing we caught some Amber Jack, Grouper, Barrel Fish, and some Red Snapper we couldn't bring the Red Snapper in so my uncle fillet the Red Snapper and we ate fresh sesame from the Snapper with some Fish sauce for lunch and it was good. A little later we got back to fishing, around 1,900ft. below sea level was a swordfish we had the swordfish all the way up to 150ft. then we lost it. We all got so mad, but we got over it and began to fish for other fish. After a while we drove back to the docks, and loaded up the boat. Since we hadn't ate dinner yet and it was already 12'o clock  we went to eat, after we were done, we went to my uncle's house and took a shower and go to sleep to get ready to go home tomorrow.

The front of the 32'foot boat.
The back of the 32'foot boat.
The boat living docks
A Yellow Tip Grouper pretty rare.
Amber Jack or AJ
Another Amber Jack.