The gardener by

Israel Ortiz | may 18,2015

evolution is to change that form or adapt or learning new things. in the gardener evolution is important because humans turning into plants and it's going to take a long time

A Autotroph is a self-feeder Autotroph is important to the gardener because the scientists are trying to make the perfect person a Autotroph.

A heterotroph is a organism that cannot self feed heterotroph is important to the gardener because they want humans ti get there food from the sun.

photosynthesis is when a Plant uses the  sun to make its own food  photosynthesis is Important to the gardener because photosynthesis is the main part of a perfect man to self feed with the sun.  

two of my favorite questions asked while we were reading were

1. why does masons mom keep secrets?

2. is masons dad a plant

We found out the answers as we read. Here they are.

1. masons mom keeps secrets because she thinks that its for masons well being if he doesn't know but shes really hurting him.

2. Masons dad would be considered a plant because he is connected to the silver pipes like a plant has roots.

melby falls is a small town in the middle of no where where mason and his mom live.

trodyn is a place where scientist are trying to make the perfect human an autotroph but to do that they have to use the scientist kids.

portland is a city where mason and lila went to see dr.emerson to see if she knew lila.

human experimentation

i think human experimentation is cruel because people don't belong to be treated like animals. if people get experimented on they can get a disease and could pass it on to other humans and could cause the human race to go extinct.

the problem of climate change is if the sea levels keep rising it can destroy farms and we would run out of food.

the food crisis is a problem because it means that there is to many people in the world and the food has finished and everyone can die.

connecting climate change to the food crisis

climate change is the change of temperature do to carbon dioxide and global warming food crisis is when there is a shortage or no food i think that climate change effects the food because as the climate gets hotter and the sea levels it can be the cause of the pants dieing and animals can die.

"dear future generations" by Prince E.A is talking about how the next generations are going to have trouble living if we don't stop and clean up our acts and make earth a cleaner place. he is saying sorry for all the things the future generations won't be able to see like trees.

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