Sharing Revenue With a Blogging Community

About Bubblews

Bubblews is an innovative online community that gives users the opportunity to share revenue generated through advertising. The patent-pending Bubblews.com platform provides contributors with a share of revenue earned on each post. Bubblews contributors earn money for every social media share, like, or dislike, with the amount depending on the advertising accompanying the post. Bubblews users are encouraged to build up a community reputation through posting freely in more than 15 distinct categories. All Bubblews posts by a specific author can be accessed on that user’s personal profile. As more articles are posted, the potential revenue flow increases.

Bubblews users begin making a name for themselves through an easy account sign-up at Bubblews.com. Members tailor their profile to reflect their background and interests and access a personal bank through their account. Points earned in the bank through published views, articles, and comments can be redeemed for items or cash. Fundamental to the Bubblews philosophy is the idea that members should share equally in every aspect of the community they create.

Three Tips for Attracting and Engaging Social Media Followers

Bubblews (online at Bubblews.com) is a social blogging platform that pays its members for generating likes, comments, and views on posts. Bubblews users who generate responses from other users receive compensation from the company’s online advertisement revenue-sharing system. Recently, Bubblews.com added the ability for users to share YouTube videos, offering them one more method of engaging followers.

Building significant followings for any social media account/page can offer users both professional and personal benefits. However, attracting followers and building follower engagement will require time and effort. Methods of doing both include:

1. Adopt (specific) keywords to trends. Efficient and intelligent use of keywords is critical to attracting attention online. However, keyword trends change rapidly, depending on the latest social media buzz. Users also need to focus on using the right keywords. That means employing specific, not general, keywords. For instance, general words like music or sports become lost in all the results.

2. Develop a posting schedule. Consistency helps ensure results. Regular postings promote a picture of an active, stable social media user. Set a schedule and stick to it.

3. Produce follower-oriented content. Over time, social media users can recognize what their followers want to hear about by their level of response engagement. Users should integrate these analytics into their content type.

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