"Geometry All around us"

Kayla Buchanan
Period 4, Causey

Problem #1

Is it possible to prove the above highlighted triangles congruent? If so, what postulate would you use?

Problem #2

What kind of triangle is highlighted in the picture above?

Problem #3

You are given that ΔBAC is isosceles and the measure of angle C = 57º. What is the measure of angle A?

Problem #4

What is the relationship between angles 2 and 6 if lines a and b are parallel?

Problem #5

What is the converse of the above statement?

Problem #6

How would you describe the relationship between these two lines?

Problem #7

What is this pattern of repeating shapes called?

Problem #8

The above triangles are similar. What is the scale factor of the larger triangle one to the smaller triangle?

Problem #9

What is the contrapositive of the above statement?

Problem #10

Find the measures of the two missing angles.


1.) Yes, it is possible to prove the two highlighted triangles congruent. You would use the HL postulate (Hypotenuse-Leg).

2.) The highlighted triangle is an isosceles triangle.

3.) The measure of angle A is 66°.

4.) Angles 2 and 6 are corresponding angles.

5.) If you can believe, you can wish.

6.) The two lines are perpendicular.

7.) A pattern of repeating shapes such as this is a tessellation.

8.) The scale factor is 5.

9.) If you do not hit that bridge, you will not hit this sign.

10.) The measure of each missing angle is 35°.

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