01.04.13 @ 6 P.M.

The time has come. BUCKBUCK is going public. Join BUCKBUCK Saturday, Jan. 4, as the gallery (3910 Lorain Ave) rings in the New Year with new work by resident artists Mike Sobeck, Joe Lanzilotta, and buttcoffin. Invest in your future, buy stock in BUCKBUCK, sit back and get fat, watching your profits skyrocket.

“Mike Sobeck creates paintings by the slice. The greatest investment of 2014. Don’t miss your chance to get a piece.”Paul Krugman, Economist, Good Guy

“buttcoffin draws things crying and dying. Put me down for 10,000 Sad Clouds!”Warren Buffet, Billionaire, 1 Percenter

“BUY BUY BUY Joe Lanzilotta’s prints!”Jim Cramer, Mad Money, Psychopath

Seriously. Invest in artists. They will show you where the gold is...or at least which neighborhood to gentrify next. BUCKBUCK here.