Ohio State's Buckeyethon

The Events

Buckeyethon is a year long fundraising event that is done throughout the Columbus Area. Fundraising is done through several events including a fashion show,a fest, video gaming, Columbus high schools dance marathon, and a 5K run. When all of those events are finished, there is a final dance marathon. Students, staff, and the Columbus commnity get together and dance for 24 hours in the Ohio Union. This makes Buckeyethon the largest dance marathon ever.

The Cause

Ohio State students are always looking for a chance to give back and pay it forward. All of the money raised goes directly to Nationwide Children's Hospital. The hospital uses the money to support kids who are treated the the Hematology/Oncology/BMT Department. Ohio State students get to change the lives of sick children forever.

Last year Buckeyethon raised
$608,632.32 for the kids

Get Involved

There are many ways students, staff, and the Columbus community get involved with Buckeyethon. Some choose to be dancers, whether solo, in an organization, or with their friends group. Leaders take on the duty of team captain. They are in charge of their team's fundraising leading up to the final event. There are also alumni and corporate sponsors gain membership to the event each year. Finally, there are Buckeye Buddies. These are student athletes that interact with Buckeyethon families and brighten up these children's year.