2015 Summer Buddy Campuses

Question and Answer Session
February 10, 2015

Buddy Schools

                     Construction Campus                                         Buddy Campus

                     ABE                                                                         Brookwood

                     CLCE                                                                       Ward

                     Greene                                                                    Wedgewood

                     Whitcomb                                                              Falcon Pass

March - First Newsletter after Spring Break, start informing parents of the move to your buddy school for the summer, post signs in office

A/C will run the  weekend before and until 9:00 pm on Thursday 6/4

June 5th, 5:00pm - Construction Campuses need to be ready to leave campus  

August 17th - return to campus


Think of all items you use on a daily basis.  We have created a list to help with some things you may not think about that you use more than you think.

TIP: If you are unable to pack all of an area, you may purchase silica packets to help with humidity in built in cabinets, etc.

If you would like, Lindsay Davis will be happy to attend your faculty meeting to discuss the move & answer any questions they may have.  Please contact her if you would like her to come to your meeting.


Paul Miller   281.924.5113

Lindsay Davis   713.906.3930

A/C Jon Pinson   281.924.9242

Badge Access at Buddy Campuses

  • Your badge will be programmed to allow access at your buddy campus
  • Please click below to request badge access for buddy school access
  • Responsibilities of a Host Campus

    • Discuss A/C times
    • Share Alarm Codes/times with buddy campus
    • Custodial Issues
    • Discuss with Buddy Campus a good location, gather room numbers, etc to be able to enter tickets to move computers, phones, etc.
    • Discuss if a doorbell would be beneficial for your location.

    Responsibilities of a Construction Campus

    • Files may be moved in their file cabinets if they are sturdy, if not, boxes will be provided
    • Label IMPORTANT boxes so that you will know to unpack those first
    • Campus Secretary will put in a work order to have the files/boxes moved
    • Campus Secretary will need to forward USPS mail and change delivery address on any orders placed from Office Depot, etc.
    • Arrange with help of Lindsay Davis to have smaller office Xerox machines moved to the buddy campus
    • Enter tickets for technology to be moved to the buddy campus
    • Arrange for your Campus Tech to prep computers for moving to buddy school or to be stored
    • Contact Lindsay Davis if you would like additional dumpsters at certain times (ie: Spring Break) for clean out

    Food Service will empty out the freezers

    Dumpster Service will be stopped during the summer at Construction Schools

    No Student pick-up/drop-off on construction campuses for Pre-AP bus pick up

    Parking Lot/school grounds will be closed to ANY use during construction

    Johnna will make sure interdistrict mail is delivered to buddy campus

    Johnna will gather information on Construction Campus room locations, phones, doorbell requested, etc. to share with other departments.