Mobile Apps in K-12 Classrooms

By: Ines Neufeld

Google Drive

What is Google Drive is an online storage that can be synchronised with a google account. The storage space can be accessed from a computer, tablet or even a mobile device.

How can it be used? The students can sign on with their individual Gmail account. This app allows students to work in groups at the same time. Accessing it from anywhere on their phone makes group work easier.


What is Sparknotes is a website that breaks down books into the different character structures, as well as a summary of the book. It is not only used for English classrooms, but also can be used in Math, Health, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

How can it be used? Sparknotes helps students understand books they read in class. It breaks down character traits, summaries, as well as plot summaries. Students can acces this app from their mobile device. If the teacher asks a question that doesn´t make sense they can check on sparknotes. This app also offers quizzes for each book, to prepare for a test in class.


What is a camera app? The camera app is already installed on every IOS device. This app takes pictures and saves those in the fotostream.

How can it be used? This app can be used by students, that struggle with writing fast as well as students that are in a hurry. These students can take a picture of the board where their teacher wrote on and can read through it at home.


What is Kindle reader was designed by Amazon to enable users to read books, newspapers, magazines, and blogs without carrying the actual book with them.

How can this be used? Students can buy a kindle or download the app on their android or iPhone. Students can also carry it everywhere and can have more than one book listed instead of carrying different hard copy books in their backpack.

Dictionary App

What is  Merriam Webster is a dictionary brand that specifically concentrates on defying words.

How can this be used? The dictionary app can be used on a mobile device during classtime when a word is not understood. This app can also help to find synonyms for a word.

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