Building Effective Employee Relations

Partnering With Employees

Human Resource experts and corporate recruiters could emphasize many different aspects of choosing the best talent for any number of open positions but would probably have more important advice for business owners and personnel managers about their current workforce. Too often managers feel that when a problem within the ranks breaks out, there are only two ways to handle the event - either ignore it completely or rotate the staff.

Companies with high turnover rates spend untold amounts of money on wasted recruiting and training efforts for employees who will not last more than one year. Ignoring a problem will not make it go away and it also sends a poor example to employees who feel that they have no recourse or sense of belonging in their position or the company.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

An effective way for managers to combat these common problems in the workplace is to create a safe haven for employees to openly share ideas and challenges. Ensure that company values are prominently displayed and that every individual feels welcomed and supported. This will naturally decrease bickering and gossip that tends to occur when employees feel on guard or insecure about their position. Managers should with genuine interest collect employee feedback regularly and take action based on those comments or concerns.

Managing Employee Feedback

Managers often need additional training to support their employees when difficult situations arise. Acting on feedback may require an additional level of management or requesting approval from corporate executives. When employees have a crisis hotline or some other way of directly reaching out to the appropriate party to address a concern they feel empowered to take action. This open line of communication and free flow of information instills confidence in employees at every level and promotes effective business from increased production levels to improved employee relations. As a proactive measure a crisis hotline can quickly spread pertinent information that helps prevent accidents or unexpected emergency events.

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