Joe Armato - Building Miracles with Smile Train

One thing that helps define the character of Joe Armato is his charity work and donations. He contributes to a long list of charities based in New York and abroad whose missions he agrees with. After 27 years of working in New York’s real estate market as the owner and founder of Nationwide Consulting and Contracting, Armato knows the significant impact that a small, determined charitable organization can make in the communities and lives of many individuals. Since Armato is always looking for charities he can help with contributions, he receives information on a plethora of world problems that all deserve attention.

Joe Armato found Smile Train through a contact he made with his consultancy business and its organizers blew him away with their passion for an emerging issue in the Third World. Millions of people in underdeveloped countries around the world suffer from a birth defect that causes clefts in their palates of lips. This defect leaves people disfigured at best and disabled at worst. Some people with untreated clefts cannot eat or drink properly. Many others are ostracized from their communities because of their disfigurement. Smile Train seeks to provide access to medical care for children born with this defect. A simple surgical procedure was developed decades ago that corrects clefts, but too often it is only available to babies in developed countries such as the United States. For many destitute families worldwide, this procedure isn’t available due to a lack of money or infrastructure. Joe Armato and Smile Train hope to bring this valuable service to everyone in the world, no matter what their circumstance.