The Gupta Empire

Started in the 3rd century AD after the Mauryan Empire and ended towards the end of the 5th century AD.

The Gupta Empire Information

The Gupta Empire was located basically where the Mauryan Empire was along the Indus and Ganges River in what is today India. The Gupta Empire was started by Chandra Gupta.

The Gupta had a type of government that was very different from the empire before it. They had kings that were at the center of the administration. Also, the empire was divided up into several provinces that were ruled by viceroys. Then, they were further divided into districts which had their own administrative centers. This concept sort of follows the Mauryan idea of centralized government.

Due to the peace and prosperity in the empire, it enabled them to invent new things. One is the decimal system based on the number 10. We still use this today. Also, the created Arabic Numerals. Don't let the name fool you, the Gupta were the real genius's who created it. Along with the Arabic Numerals, the created the number zero.

Even though their main contributions are in math, they also have contributions in medicine and in literature. The physicians in the Gupta Empire created herbal remedies that treated all sorts of illnesses. They also developed a form of plastic surgery to treat facial injuries. The physicians had a vaccination for smallpox which would later be used in China and in Europe. In literature, they created folk tales and fables that were spread West through Persia, Egypt and Greece. One of the stories was Aladdin and His Magic Lamp.

The Gupta Empire fell apart due to weak rulers and to a series of invasions.

Even though the empire fell apart, we still use many of their achievements today.

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