Walt Disney: By Jayquan Pittman

He was born December 5, 1901 and died December 15, 1966 at the age of 65.

Religion and Political views

Walt Disney was a devout Congregationalist Christian.
Walt Disney was a conservative, right wing, Republican, possibly a Nazi, and very anti-communism.

Walter Elias Disney, was born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up between Marceline, Missouri and Kansas City, Missouri.

Family Members
His brother Roy O.Disney and him co founded The Walt Disney company.Born from Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney.

Walt Disney's Career
Walt Disney started out as a simple cartoonist, yet evolved into an innovative and amazing entrepreneur of a multi-billion-dollar family entertainment empire.
Disney was the renowned creator of Mickey Mouse cartoons, the first sound cartoon, the first Technicolor cartoon, and the first feature-length cartoon.
In addition to winning 22 Academy Awards in his lifetime, Disney also created the first major theme park: Disneyland in Anaheim, California.
Followed by Walt Disney World near Orlando, Florida.

He was a American pioneer cartoonist, animator, showman, and film and motion picture producer. His first motion picture was a hit, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was produced in 1937 making him over  $8 million.

Walt Disney's Wife

Walt Disney's 2 daughters

Walt Disney friends

Wernher Vin Braun who made motion pictures Man on the moon, and  Man in Space.
Walt Parr friend of his and his fathers.
Hugh Harman, Rudolph Ising, Carmen Maxwell, Iwerks, and Friz Freleng helped him produce short cartoons based fairy tales and children stories.

Famous Quotes
"If you can dream it you can do it."

"All are dreams can come true, if we have the courage to persue them."

3 Things to Know about Walt Disney

He received more Academy Awards and nominations than any other person in history.

He was the original voice behind Mickey Mouse.

He was determined to produce a feature-length animated movie, even when everyone thought the idea was crazy.

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I love Walt Disney, but i didn't know Mickey mouse cartoons was the first sound cartoon, the first Technicolor cartoon, and the first feature-length cartoon. Awesome !!! 👍