The Bullet Train.

By alexis whitaker. 02/27/2014

Tired of driving all of the time and spending loads of money on gas? Me too! That's why I have the idea of the Shinkansen, also known as the "Bullet Train." It's electric, more efficient, less harmful to the environment, more available to anyone, etc. This type of transportation can be used to transport people very fast to where ever they need to be. It has a lot of improvements that can be made, but will overall benefit more than harm. I will later discuss the improvements that can be made to the "Bullet Train" to make it more efficient, reliable, and intriguing to the public eye.

This graph shown above shows the miles people travel every day using their own forms of transportation and where it falls in the standard deviation. In this graph, each piece of data falls within 3 standard deviations of the mean.

This graph shown above is a box-and-whisker plot that shows the minimum, quartile 1, median/quartile 2, quartile 3, and the maximum of the number of miles driven by each person daily.

The graph shown above is histogram of the miles driven daily.

In the graph shown above is ways to improve the "Bullet Train." Some have said they want autopilot, some say massage chairs, some say privacy, etc. This graph shows how many people said each improvement, and some answered more one answer. But this is a way to improve and hopefully cut back on a lot of things and help people make transporting much easier and much more exciting to do.

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