By Georgia Papagiannis.

Roberta Bondar was born on the fourth of December 1945. Roberta's home town was Sault STS Marie Ontario. She has one sister named Barbara, a mother named Mildred and a father named Edward who loved and supported Roberta in everything she did. Roberta is sixty eight and lives with her cute little dog named Betsy. Roberta has no children and she is not married She has enjoyed science all her life and she would always dream about being the first person to walk on the moon. She taught herself the names of all the planets as a child.

Roberta Bondar served as an astronaut in 1983 to 1992. In high school a science project led her to a summer job studying Spruce Budworm which is today's Great Lakes Forestry Centre. Before Roberta became an astronaut she worked as a doctor in Boston. Roberta Bondar also worked in the Canadian Space Agency and developed new technologies used in space. With her experience  Roberta did satellite testing and tested other space hardware. She created a robotic arm called Remote Manipulator, also known as the Canadarm which is used in mobile work platform. Roberta flew aboard the NASA space shuttle discovery in January 22nd to the 30th. She also flew aboard the STS-42 in 1992 which was the first mission of the International Microgravity Laboratory.

Roberta Bondar was an amazing significant person. She affects the lives of people today through being head of NASA'S Space Medicine. She is researching and discovering to see what space does to astronauts and what effect it has on their bodies. Her research helped astronauts stay healthy in space. She has created and made a robotic arm called Canadarm which helped with mobile work platforms. Roberta created new technologies in space and examined how gravity affects and helps shape materials and living things. This helps to discover new things in space. Roberta also worked on tools and methods for doing research for weightless and safe space flight. Roberta investigated climate change, atmospheric pollutions and scaned Earth with radar beams to find information that could lead to a safer Earth for the people.

Roberta Bondar was the first Neurologist in space. She was a doctor in Philosphy and Neuroscience. Roberta graduated in James Dunn High School and was a Bachelor of science in Zoology Agriculture. Roberta has gotten many honours like the order of Canada, the order of Ontario the NASA Space Medal and over 22 other honorary degrees. She has been inducted onto the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. After she left the Space Agency she used her experience to educate people in science. Roberta Bondar and her achievments have really inspired today's young people and have definitly affected the lives of many people.