The Chupacabra

Fact or myth?

This is a picture from a picture from a family in Texas who believes they have caught the chupacabra. The story all started in Puerto Rico during the 1990's when goats and chickens started randomly started turning up dead. Then one day a Texas couple catches a "mysterious animal" in a cage.People said it was a raccoon or a canine like animal. But the facts proved otherwise, he was found in a tree which rules out the canines. He has a very strange growl and strange feet, which could rule out raccoon. Then there is no physical sign of mange. So what could this creature be? A chupacabra, maybe. There are many theories as to where the chupacabra came from, one of which is it is the result of genetic testing done by american scientists. Another is the Spanish brought it over during the 1700's. All of these theories lead to the fact that the chupacabra could possibly be real. Now its time for you to decide, is the chupacabra real?


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