Burl Brim

Aviation and Construction Entrepreneur

About Burl Brim

After studying pre-engineering at Southern Oregon State College, Burl Brim entered the construction field. He gained experience with companies such as Visar Construction, Hardesty Excavating, and Bowman and Weaver Construction. During this time, Burl Brim successfully completed numerous projects, and in 1990, he accepted a Walmart contract, which led him to construct Walmart complexes from Moses Lake, Washington, to Medford, Oregon. Subsequently, he founded the company Brim Excavation.

Later, Burl Brim turned his attention to the field of aviation. A licensed helicopter pilot, he decided to create his own company, Brim Aviation. Since then, he has achieved numerous rescues across the state and provided a variety of other services, such as charters, mineral exploration, aerial seeding and fertilization, fire suppression, aerial photography, and even construction. Brim Aviation also supports the charitable work of numerous groups across Oregon and California, including funding scholarships through the non-profit organization Whirly-Girls International.

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