Butch Walker Wife Nora - L.A. Residents

Butch Walker says he is a little anxious with anticipation, on the eve of the release of Afraid of Ghosts, his first new studio album since 2011.

"Welp...Here we go, Y'all," he wrote on his Facebook page, shortly before the album's February 3rd, 2015 release date. "I'm nervously excited for this day to come. I've said before to people, ‘It's like sending your kids off to college or something, except that the kids are your songs...'

"Afraid of Ghosts," Butch Walker Wife Nora continued, mentioned the album by name. "Here's the whole damn thing (to stream). Hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing and recording it. It's like my Boyhood, but in an album form. Been waiting to make this record my whole life..."

The new collection of songs is Butch Walker's seventh full-length studio album. Its first single, called "Chrissie Hynde" after the legendary singer for the Pretenders, was released on October 6th, while its title track debuted a few weeks later.

Butch Walker says that Afraid of Ghosts is about "coming to terms with the past and living for the future...coming to terms with your ghosts, taking what scares you the most. And turning it something real." The album was produced by Ryan Adams, and recorded in Ryan's studio in Los Angeles, where Butch Walker and wife Nora also live.

The album has a couple of guests on it, including Bob Mould, the former guitarist and singer for Husker Du, and actor Johnny Depp, who contributes a guitar solo to the track "21+," which Butch Walker describes as "just a sad song with a total bummer of a lyric...for your sad days. But I like it. So here it is."