10 absurd Buzzfeed quizzes
that are actually super fun

Buzzfeed quizzes will in no way, shape or form define your future or measure your IQ. They are simply so random that they are incredibly fun to take. Check out my top 10.

You know when you're younger and you want to change your name really badly to something really different? Here's another idea for you.

Girls. This is your ultimate test. Do not take this lightly.

Are you jamming to the right tunes? Find out.

Well are you?!? Buzzfeed will tell you.

Maybe you're too sexy for your shirt, or maybe you should wear an extra coat.

Soccer fans: this is our time. Don't make me slide tackle you through the screen.

People think they are movie buffs until they take this quiz.

Physics was undoubtedly the hardest class some of us took in high school. Did you actually learn anything from those endless weeks in the lab?

Caution: pics can be deceiving

Brace yourself...

What's the best quiz you've taken? Or how about the worst?

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