My 7th Grade Year

by: Caden Musser

Top Ten Events

#10 First Day of School

After a long (but enjoyable) summer, I was dreading to go to school. However, at the end of the day I somehow wanted to come back again. What made the day so much more significant was that I met my favorite teacher, Mr. Kowalski. The reason I liked Mr. Kowalski was that he forced us to think flexibly and think with meaning. Also, we watched a cool video about being aware of your surroundings. The video that we watched is below.

#9 Outsiders' Day

Around October of 2014 we read Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I really liked the novel and the rivalry between the Greasers and the Socs. Once we finished the novel the whole seventh grade chose a day to all dress up as characters from the book; I dressed up as a Greaser. On that day all of the LA classes joined up and switched teachers to perform difficult challenges. Pretty much we all played games related to the novel like Password, Kahoot, and a weird game including cotton balls with Mrs Krisfalusy.

Outsiders Day. I dressed up as a Greaser. Pretty fun day.

#8 Kenston Awards Night

After a long school year, it was finally time for the KMS awards. During the year, I struggled to maintain a 4.0 grade point average. At the beginning of the year, I made a bet with my dad that if I got all A's, I would get $100. Luckily, I finished out the year with all A's and proved my Dad wrong. During the award ceremony, I earned the 4.0 award. I was kind of upset about not earning any other awards like last year, but I was still surprised that I actually got all A's.

#7 the radio pLAYS

When we did the radio plays, we divided into groups and attempted to create scary radio dramas. We tried to base the plays of of the hit radio drama, War of Worlds. My group included me, Ben, Luke, Anthony, and Evan. Compared to the famous drama, our radio play was terrible.


This year was my first year of Track. My friend @NElliott convinced me to join the team. At first track seemed boring and a waste of after school time, but looking back it actually wasn't that bad. During practice I attempted high jump and failed, tried sprints but was too slow, so I ended up doing hurdles. During the meets, I ran 110 meter hurdles and 200 meter hurdles.  My best 110 time during the season was 19.83 seconds and my best 200 time was 31.45 seconds. The best place I got in was 1st for the second heat and 4th for the first heat.

Me running the 200 hurdles


This year I played football for our middle school team. I really enjoy the sport of football and the competitiveness of the sport. In my previous years, I played defensive tackle, linebacker, and running back. However, my coach moved me to defensive end and slot wide receiver during the season. I started all 7 games of the season at defensive end, but was the third string wide receiver for the 7 games.

#4 Spring Break

I really enjoyed a nice break in the middle of the school year...I needed it. Over the week, I went to Chicago. I went because my family is currently in the process of relocating from Cleveland to Chicago. During my time there, I was mostly at my new house setting things up. Other that that I visited my new school and went through downtown. Plus, on Sunday I went to a new church for Easter and It was GREAT! It was barely even "Church" because the service was a big concert.


Surprisingly, I went to my first Cavs game in April. Towards the end of the 2015 season, the Cavs played the Pistons in their last game starting the regular 5. (Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, and Timofey Mozgov) My dad promised me that before we moved, I could go to a Cavs game with him. Sadly, my dad couldn't make it in time for the game so I had to go with his friend, Pete. Pete had the greatest seats. Plus he knew the announcers and the workers so he talked us into sitting in the front. We were so close to the game, I didn't need to zoom in for my pictures. One of the pictures I took is below.

#2 My Going away party

My friend and his family threw a going away party for our family over Memorial Day weekend. The party was really fun because we played basketball, football, kickball, and ghosts in the graveyard. My brother invited his baseball team, I invited my baseball team, and my sister invited her friends. Plus, we lit fireworks and had a crazy bonfire.

All of the kids playing football

#1 7th Grade Camp

I didn't need to think about this choice...I absolutely LOVED camp!!! My favorite activities were the outdoor cooking with Mrs. Miller, fishing with Dr. Bates and Mr. Williams, and the creek and pond study with Mr. Ross. During the pond study I caught a turtle and many tadpoles in the trap. Also I went out shoulder-high in the pond to fish for critters. I liked fishing because we could just sit and talk. (plus after we got to take a boat ride, play basketball, and play volleyball) Also I liked outdoor cooking because it tasted SO GOOD!!! I loved making the pizza hobo pies.(I had 3) Plus, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and staying in a cabin with them before I move. Below is a couple photos from my camp experience.

My cabin, Mandan, was directly next to my friend Ben's cabin, Delaware. Their counselor played the song below for his campers. This song now reminds me of camp, even though Ben hates me knowing this song.

Favorite Part of Camp

My favorite part of camp has to be the dance. Even though we have dances all of the time at school, this one was different. This dance seemed more fun because It was kind of like an extra end of the year party. Plus, we were all taught the dances like the Cupid Shuffle, Thriller, Wobble and the Hustle.

Least Favorite part of Camp

My least favorite part of camp was the meals. I hated how nasty and gross they were. On top of that, our group had to clean up on taco night...ew. Plus, you had to clean up the table and wait everyone to be done before you could leave. However, the meals are a short period of time that goes fast if you just eat the dessert.

Why You will enjoy camp

Don't worry about the food, it is only a little bit of time in your long day. The activities are very cool and there is something for everyone. For example there is the adventure coarse, orienteering, arts and crafts, outdoor cooking, creek study, Ultimate Frisbee, and much more. Everyone that I know said that if one activity was bad, the next one was way better.


Chuzzlewit's road of trials was one of my favorite moments of 7th grade and one that I will never forget. One day, Mr. Kowalski was reading a book and Ms. Krill came in with a letter. The letter said that "Chuzzlewit" wanted to talk to me and that I was the "Chosen One". The letter also said that we would be performing challenges related to the novel we had read called Anthem.

The next day our whole class had to dress in white and meet in the library with Ms. Nailer. When she told us what to do, we all rushed downstairs to Mr. Kowalski's room and found this sign on his door.

What happened to Mr. Kowalski?

Then we found Chuzzlewit by Mr. Kowalski's door. He told us that I had to shoot a troll 3 times to go into his classroom. Then I had to run with Chuzzlewit to attack the troll in "the cave" (the classroom). Chuzzlewit later came out with me as the "young" Chuzzlewit and everyone could eventually come in the room.

The whole class period was all about performing tasks relating to the novel like putting together a Lego train without talking and finding words in Scrabble related to the novel.


My favorite Blizzard

Other than gym, Art was my favorite class to go to. This is true because most of my friends were in my class and that I had Mrs Seitz, the BEST TEACHER EVER (other than Mr. Kowalski). Another reason I liked Art was that we did so many cool projects like perspective, before and after giraffes, and mandalas. Plus I had my artwork in the art show so that was pretty cool. This class is pretty strait forward, so to pass the class you just need to turn in your work on time and be kind. Other than that this class is a breeze!

3 Survival Tips for Seventh Grade

Tip#1 Remember Things!!

This is kind of obvious but don't forget anything!! In seventh grade, you will need to bring all necessities to class, remember your locker combination, remember your schedule, and do your homework. This isn't sixth grade anymore, the teachers don't accept late things or allow you to be late to class once and a while.

Tip #2 Don't be stupid

Nobody wants to start off the year with a referral. Make good choices and be kind to earn respect and good karma.

Tip #3 Get good grades

This may connect to sixth grade, but get good grades. If you haven't been to an awards ceremony it is really cool to go up and be noticed for getting good grades. Make it a goal to get all A's because it really pays off in the future.


Every great thing starts with a choice
-Caden Musser

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