What Really happened During 5Tupacs death ?

Rap Artist and actor Tupac was shot 4 times in Las Vegas, Nevada September 1th 1996 . He died six days Later in the hospital . But who Killed him ?

     Tupac Amaru Shakur was born in New York in 1971 . His Mother was a drug attic and moved to from place to place . They moved to California in 1988 where Shakur found his Rap and Actor career . In 1991 Shakur blew up with Top selling albums and appeared in numerous Movies such as Juice and Poetic Justice . While becoming a rising star he went to jail 5 Times from 1992-1994 for violent Defenses . In 1995 Shakur was the first Artist to  have a album reach Number 1 while Incarcerated .

    September 1th 1996 Shakur was said to be riding with Record producer from Def Jams Suge Knight . They stopped at a stop Light when a white van from behind shot at Knights vehicle . Shakur was shot once in the chest and 3 times Somewhere else, however Knight was fine . Shakur was rushed to the hospital and had many surgeries . But 6 days later on September 7th 1996 Shakur was pronounced dead .

   But is that what really happened ? There's a lot to the unsolved Murder of Shakur . Some people believe that Knight had killed Shakur , Some even say Rap star of the time Christopher Wallace " Notorious B.I.G " had a gang to kill him . Shakur had alot of beef with different people . He was said to be in a gang with the bloods and bloods don't get along with crips .

Today his death is still mysterious and questioning . This is because after he passed he dropped an album and 15 years after his death he was seen as a "hologram" at a Dr.Dre Concert . Some people even believe He's hiding in Cuba . But nobody Knows the truth and probably will never find out .

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