High School Website Design

School/Co. Irvin High School

URL: http://irvin.episd.org/

Rating: 3

Design: EPISD

Content: Informative

Features: Weather & events

School/Co. Andress High School

URL: http://andress.episd.org/

Rating: 3

Design: EPISD

Content: Informative

Features: Up to date information, such as testing days and etc.

School/Co. Riverside High School

URL; http://riversidehigh.yisd.net/

Rating: 2

Design: Very Plain

Content: Upcoming events

Features: Announcements and school news.

School/Co. Hollywood High School

URL: http://www.hollywoodhighschool.net/

Rating: 6+

Design: Really Cool and Attention getting

Content: Evertything

Features: News, events, etc.

School/Co. Lancaster High School

URL: http://lhs.lancasterisd.org/

Rating; 4

Design: Plain colors

Content: Plenty of Information relating to the school.

Features: academic & athletics


Why do you feel that some websites are good?

Some websites are good because they can carry very valuable information to help you on what you want to know.

Why do you feel that some websites are not so good?

There are some websites out there that are not so good because of the information thats on them, making them useless.

Do others agree with your opinion?

Yes, there are people that will agree and be on my side with this.

Does anyone disagree?

The only one that probably wont agree, is the creator of the site.

Who is the target audience for a particular site?

The target audience on a particular site are those that wish to look through the site and the ones that got led into it, for example looking a specific thing up and the site coming up.

How might website quality be judged differently across different audiences?

Everyone is different, so this will effect peoples point of views on how they visualize the site, but for the most part if something is un-attention getting or does not have what they're looking for, the audience will not give quality to the site.

Are there some qualities of websites that all audiences would agree are good? What are these qualities?

Color and pictures, if these two quality are on a sight, most likely the sight will be liked.  Nobody wants to be on a site with a black background and white lettering.  The site must be eye catching and interesting.

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