Are Apple Seeds Good or Bad for you?

By: Madeline Ortiz

It's fine eating apple seeds but if you eat too much of them you might as well die. Now I know you are all thinking ( But apples are good for you!!! What will happen to us!! Are we gonna die??? How does one tiny seed effect us???) Well I be the one to answer your questions!!!! Apples have been in our lives for many years.

We cook them and we baked them

We eat them (ignore the mtv sign)

We plant and harvested them (a lot during fall)

It has been on tv shows and our diet

It's on a laptop and a phone!!!! AHHHH!!!!! NO MORE APPLES!!!! I think that is enough apples. Let's just say that there is apples everywhere.

Good thing about Apple Seeds

No not this apple seed

If you eat apple seeds it can cure cancer. Also if you eat apple seeds whole it can go through your digestive system in 1 to 2 minutes. If you chew on apple seeds it will not harm you. You might want to be careful about eating them though.

Bad thing about Apple Seeds

Apples may be good. But they got a BAD SIDE!!!!

If you eat a CUP FULL of apple seeds you are CRAZY and will most likely die like I said in the beginning. Some people don't eat apples because they hate it or don't want to eat it.

Pick a Side!!!!

Now that the tackk is almost done pick a side!!! Do you wanna eat apple seeds or don't eat apple seeds?