Nelson Mandela

A Persevering Hero

I speak about Nelson Mandela because he's a hero for me.
Nelson Mandela was born the 18 july 1918 in South-Africa( Mvezo ).
He undertack law student and he realize the racism in South-Africa is influenced by Walter Sisulu.
Mandela becomes the first black lawyer later integrate the African National Congress to 1943 and become fast the leaders of the organisation.Whit his lawyer job he fight the racism and he's imprisonned during 27 years in 1964.When he go out the prison of Robben Island he don't want to take his revenge and he asks for the peace enter blacks and whites.Whit Frederik de Klerk he puts
At the end has the apartheid and the two men receive the Nobel prize of the peace in 1993.He become the president the 27 april 1994.His 90 birthday become a National Day.

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