Lilly d'Ascendis

How one girl came to rule the buisness world

The Path to Sucess

Dry Cleaning Chemical Supply Company

At the age of 18 Lilly d'Ascendis came up with a life changing idea. A Dry Cleaning Chemical Supply Company although it sounded boring it would make her millions. She took a risk and took a $100,000 loan from the bank. After three years of selling chemicals directly to major cleaning companies she was a millionare. From their she invested in a bicyle lock start-up (because of recent global warming scares people worldwide had been ordered by the government to ride bicylces which led to much bicyle theft) and a new couture line (couture was all the rage, nobody was bothered to shop at ready to wear brands they wanted something that nobody else would ever own). The bicylce lock sold world-wide and she got paid back seven times what she invested. The couture line took off instantly and had features in Vogue, Bazzar, Elle and countless other magazines. The line also designed for stars like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Blake Lively and Angelina Jolie which gained the line international attention. After making back twenty-nine times what she invested she dropped out.

The Next Big Investment

Also around this time trade sanctions were placed on Russia for invading Ukraine causing the apple trade to fall into massive decline because Russia was one of the worlds leading apple importers. With apple farm owners trying to sell their farms dirt cheap Lilly stepped in woth the money she made from the bicycle lock and bnought up 3,000, 500-10,000 acre apple farms. Since Russia was about to fall into depression they would have to back off of Ukraine and trade sanctions would be lifted causing the market to flourish once more. She took a risk and had alot of luck, soon her apple farms were making millions. Through this she also met a fellow entreprenuer who had done the same thing. They partnered up and bought more apple farms until they had a monoply of the market.


Five years later trade sanctions were palced on the USA. Lilly and her partner sold all of their farms because they predicted a fall in the market, they were right. Lilly decided that this was the perfect time to focus in the fashion world were her partner wanted to focus on sports. Determined to stick together and rule the world they decided to integrarte the two ideas and started a fashion line, House of Coco. The brand offered cotoure and ready to wear gear a sublet of their ready to wear gear was high-end athletic wear . Around this time though cotoure fell into decline so they closed that part of the business. But while couture declined athletic wear flourished. Their brand was such a competition that Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance and other big name athletic brands were forced to close, leaving them with yet another monoply. Her fashion house flourished until her death at the age of 105.

Death of a partner

After ten years of working together Lilly's partner passed away due to natural causes. Lilly was left all his money, $20 billion.

Back to her roots

During all of this her Dry Cleaning Chemical Supply Company continued to flourish and became the only dry cleaning chemical supply comapny in the world, total dominance! Her fashion line and Dry Cleaing Chemical Supply Company made her the richest perosn ever with a net worth of $100 trillion.


At the age of 25 Lilly saw a statistic showing that 45% of the worlds population was obese. She bought a lab and started researching the first weight loss pill that actually worked. She was sucessful and sold 10 billion bottles. The world was in shock. After the sucess of the pill she decided to go into lifestyle. She had a TV show about healthy eating which had 5 billion viewers an episode. She also sold weight loss drinks, energy drinks and energy bars which were sold in supermarkets worldwide. In order to promote healthy eating she launched a housewares line. Selling everything from couches and beds to pots and pans. This business did better than all of her other ones combined she was called her  generations Martha Stewart, and all this before the age of 30.

Help from a Cousin

Lilly's cousin Tom Hutchison, a fellow entreprenuer, partnered up. Tom had launched a photo sharing device called Kronikl, it offered a more personal photo sharing experience than Instagram. Together they decided to  create a photo editing app and a new digital camera. While the camera failed the editing app took off. The app offered hundreds of free filters. It was eventually bought by Google for $10 billion. The larges

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