Tips to help you study!

What are some tips for studying? Well first off, the number one thing you can do is DON'T CRAM FOR TEST! Have shorter study time, over a longer period of time. That way, the ideas will be stuck in you mind!

#2. Use Mnemonic devices. What are mnemonic devices? Well, we all use one. For the planets in the universe, we use

My (Mercury)

Very (Venus)

Eager (Earth)

Mother (Mars)

Just (Jupiter)

Served (Saturn)

Us (Uranus)

Nachos. (Neptune)

Each one represents a planet. See, this is an example of a mnemonic device.

#3. Chunking is something you can do. Chunking is remembering something in chunks, like a phone number. If you have ever had to memorize a phone number, you usually do it by taking the first few numbers, then the next few, and so on.

#4. Use the Method of Loci. In this method, you basically go around the room associating items in the room with the things you need to remember. For example, you would go around your house or neighbor hood associating lines of a speech with a different spot. Then, you should be able to recount it in your head.

A random tip for you to use-

1.Organize large blocks of information in a way that is meaningful to you.

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