Making Films


Making movies is a long process that is all worth it. In order to make any type of film you must have a lot. A story line, characters, a set, a camera, and an editing software. Just because  you don't have one of these things, do not give up. You can make a film just with a camera, but if you want a really great film you will need most of these things.

The Camera

The biggest part of film-making is a camera. Without one, you couldn't make a film. Any good camera will cost quite a bit of money but will be worth it. If you make enough films you will get what you wanted out of the camera. Although, the camera will need more than just itself. You need a camera microphone for good sound. If you aren't close enough to the camera you won't’ be able to pick up the sound you want. You must be aware of the weather you are shooting in. You won’t want to get water in or on the camera. This will mess up how our camera functions. Another thing your camera will need is the basic attributes. Such as zoom, microphone and headphone plug in, and filters. When filming you need to have a sd card to store your footage. Mounts are really important. Especially if you shake a lot. Tripods will be a big help. So will clip mounts.


If you don’t already have everything you need to make the film that you want, it’s gonna take money. One way many filmmakers start is making films with what you already have. If you work hard and put time and effort in to it then people will start to notice your potential. When people notice your potential they help you make better films. This is where you get a boost in your career. People will notice you and money won’t be a problem. The money part will go towards getting a new camera. Your films will have better quality and you’ll be where you want in your early career. Although, the camera won’t be the only thing you’ll be buying. To make a good film you’ll need good sound. In order to to have good sound you need the right microphone. You have a couple of options, a mounted microphone, or wireless mic. This will depend on what kind of film you’re making. Another thing you will want to think about buying is props. This is not a requirement but depending on what film you’re making this will be your own personal preference.

The set

Where you are filming is very important! You need to have the appropriate setting for the film you are making. If you’re shooting a horror scene, you wouldn't usually have all the lights on in the middle of day time. You would be in a dark setting with not a lot of people. Another thing to be sure of is what you’re is where and where not you’re allowed to shoot. Some public places you have to have a permit. Another thing you will have to consider is lighting. Depending on where you’re shooting, you might want to make sure your lighting is how you want it to be. It may be too bright and it maybe too dark.


To make a film you need a production plan. Like who is going to be in it, and where you’re shooting. You may need a script if you are having actors talk. But if you’re shooting scenes with no one in them you more than likely won’t need a script. In the film-making process, you need to be aware of the times you are shooting at. If you don’t want a lot of people in your background than you need to make sure you know what you’re dealing with. If in the end you’re going to edit, you need to know what you’re working with, most editing softwares are good.


In all the filmmaking process, its fun, challenging, and all worth it. Filmmaking is a way to express yourself and get your thoughts out of your mind. Filmmaking is not only an occupation, it’s a passion. Once you start making films, it’s hard to stop. So think, next time you’re watching a movie, it takes a lot more time than you think.

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