10/14 in Sierra Leone

October 2014

I am from Sierra Leone, before the huge outbreak, everybody had to go in line to get vaccination. It was very tiring waiting in line to get treatment. All I saw was weird-looking people with yellow suits. The medical staff made us do a bunch of tests to see if we were affected by Ebola . I wondered how much time the procedure would take and if Ebola would outbreak like in 1976.

After the outbreak, many villages were ravaged by this cruel disease, children didn't know where their parents were, asking themselves if they were dead or alive, also if they would ever see them again. These poor children also didn't know if they would be able to play with their friends , or if they would go to class and learn more with their teacher. They wondered if they would ever educate themselves again.  West Africa's health system wasn't ready for a disease of that magnitude. The hospitals were full, a lot of nurses were overwhelmed by the amount of patients present.

The farmers who were a necessity for the people's survival abandonned their farm because of the fear of catching Ebola. The military presence just added up to the anxiety that was already building up . As for myself, I didn't know if our country whose economy was getting better would ever get out of this hole. We went through many civil wars the last fifteen years, I didn't want to go through that miserable period again.

Furthermore, the roads were blocked, my brothers and I didn't know if we would eat, we had some food left at the house but nothing very interesting. We ate what was available, fortunately, we had some rice left that we shared together, but I knew this wouldn't last for a months, for what I believe. For the duration of the outbreak, we tried to entertain ourselves, to distract ourselves from what was happening outside. I heard some kid and his mom died next to my village, which I found very sad and traumatising for the father.

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