Caring Classroom

By Shadia Abumrad

     Positive Relationships

In order for the teacher to have a good relationship with the students, she/he must get to know them. Depending on the grade level, the teachers can use various ways of doing this. For younger kids, the teacher might include lessons on topics such as the importance of friendships and relationships. For older students, the teacher should make sure to get their opinions on different topics. Another way to make your students comfortable with you is to congratulate or reward them when they do a good job. A simple gesture can make a big impact.


The teacher has such a huge impact in a student's life, and some of them don't even realize it. Students are with their teachers approximately 7 hours hours a day, 5 days a week, for almost 10 months. If the teacher doesn't respect the student and constantly puts them down or doesn't try to help them, the student will be less motivated to want to do work. The students must respect the teacher as well. Respect goes both ways. A way a student can respect a teacher is by simply following their instructions such as not talking when they're talking.

Student Involvement

Teachers should ask students for their feedback and opinions because then the students will feel that their opinions are important and valued. If a student suggests an idea to the teacher that can be used in the classroom, the teacher should try to include it in the classroom so the students can see that their inputs do matter. There's always a few students that do not like to participate, so the teacher should try to have whole group projects or discussions, or group projects.

Class Identity

Classroom identity is the sense of community in that certain classroom. It has to do with how students interact and see themselves as a group. If the class does not cooperate well together, the class identity will not be a good community. Class identity begins with the teacher encouraging the students to do whole-class experiences and adventures that will help bond the whole class together. Having strong classroom identity is important because no matter what, you'll be with your class for a good 9 months. It's important that the class has a strong bond & is comfortable with each other.

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