The White House

Official home and workplace of the president.

The design of a courthouse in Charleston South Carolina by James Hoben caught George Washington's eye, the design competition for the White House was won by James Hoben the following year.

The White House design was inspired by some Roman architecture by Vitruvius and Andrea Palladio styles.

In 1814 the White House was set ablaze by British Troops, and the building was only fully reconstructed sixteen years later in 1830.

The West Wing houses the President's office (the Oval Office) and offices of his senior staff, with room for about 50 employees. It also includes the Cabinet Room, the White House Situation Room, James S. Brady Press Briefing Room, and Roosevelt Room.

The East wing was initially built to conceal the construction of an underground bunker for emergencies in WWII, it is used as extra office space as well as the First Lady's Office.

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