By:Hugo Ibarra

Introduction: If you ride bikes, or want to know how to, this is the best Tackk for YOU! This Tackk can show you how to ride bikes, do super stunts, teach you how to make your own home made ramp and much, much more! Blurb:
Do you know how to ride a bike? If you don’t, than I can teach you. If you do, than that’s also good, I can teach you how to do awesome tricks and much more! Follow my instructions to succeed in Biking!
Body Paragraphs:
STARTERS: First of all, don’t just get on to a bike and start pedaling .You have to listen to me to start riding. Get a bike your specific size; don’t get a baby or adult bike. Relax and go slow first. After that you’re set to go, you can start going a little faster!
You can learn how to drift also! Here are some easy steps for you. #1 Pick some velocity up !#2 All of the sudden ,use your feet brakes, but fast!#3 At the same time you use your feet brakes ,go to any direction you want .After you follow all my steps you will look like the people from the movies!
Once you have enough experience, you should do your own ramp! Grab some sort of item that could support wood, for example; Bricks, extra wood or left over wood, or eve rocks would be good for the equation. After that, grab something sturdy you can ride on, and put it all together.Whala! It’s like magic. Your very own, homemade ramp! Be a dare kid! Go extreme and impress all of your friends, and even yourself, by: being on 10 wheels at the same time. Get a bike, put on some lined roller skates and-…jump a ramp! That’s only one way how to do it, be creative and go extreme!
Find the biggest hill you can find in your neighborhood, get some of your friends, after that pedal as fast and hard as you can, go down the huge hill and DON’T STOP! To make it cooler, scream; “EXTREME! “Also some more things pop a bunch of wheelies! Any questions? Ask Hugo!
Riding bikes is a fun way how to get some exercise. You can get started right now! When you are on a bike it is basically impossible to demonstrate how free and awesome you feel. And to do that you also have to learn at least a couple tricks. When you have a couple time riding bikes, or have experience you should also try “Above Extreme Level”. It will include even better dares and awesomeness than the tricks level. So after all of that you will, and trust me, you will impress all of your friends! Remember, ask me any questions you have.

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