Lions, Tigers, and...Prairie Dogs?

Grasslands is what we are talking about! Grasslands are located in Africa, South America, Eurasia, and the plains of North America. The grasslands are basically described in the name but there are different kinds. The tropical is what the Savanna is called. Here is where the Savanna is located.  

Weather in the Grasslands.

The weather in the Grasslands calls for hot summers and cold winters. In the summer the temperature can get as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit and over. In the winter the temperature can go as low to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain fall is a lot there, about 20-35 inches! The Savanna's has more droughts and occasional fires.  Steppe rain fall is about 10-20 inches.

Animals and Different Grasslands

The animals in the grasslands depend on which grassland you're at. In the Savanna's there are wildebeest, warthogs,elephants,zebras,rhinos,gazelles,hyenas,cheetahs, lions, leopards, ostrich, and many more!

In Temperate grasslands the animals are a bit different, there are bison,pronghorn,badgers,wolves, and black footed ferrets.

Steppe Animals are bout the same as temperate animals. They fall in the same category. The animals include gerbils,antelope,lynx,and falcon.   


The plants in the grasslands are basically the same. Can you guess what the plants are? You've probably guessed it...grass! But different kinds of grass. It may seem boring, but I have to have something on here. Big Bluestem grass, Buffalo grass, Indian grass, Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, and Stinging Nettle. These plants actually adapt to it's habitat, so whenever there is a wildfires rejuvenate and let early flowering species to grow.

Interesting Facts

~A quarter of the Earth is grasslands.

~Wildfires are part of the grasslands life

.~ Grasslands are mostly found between deserts and forests.

~ there is a grassland in each region except Antarctica,


Day 1: I was dropped off for my 3 day adventure in the grassland. I'll be staying visiting each kind of grassland. The Savanna is very hot, I think there is a drought here. The first thing I have to do is find/or make a shelter. Next I need to do is get food, but what kind? Maybe Zebra or Ostrich. We'll see how I can manage my first night.

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You didn't put a narrative, the survival was supposed to be in the narrative, along with how to get food and water, shelter, problems you may face, and three tips on how to survive.

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It is a great tackk I liked it.

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That was really good Emma! I think that you should have put maybe a little more pictures. I also think that it would have been better, if you wold have put a narrative. The headline you put about the survival was pretty good too. I loved it!

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This is a very great tackk! You need to have a longer narrative. But, your tackk is awesome!