Freak the Mighty

By Cameron and Drew

Freak The Mighty Book Summary

This book is about the story of two unlikely friends. Max is seven feet tall and looks like his dad who is a criminal. Then Freak who's real name is Kevin is two feet tall. He is really smart and has the moquio syndrome. That means that his organs grow faster than his skeleton. In that case he has a chance of dying at a young age. In the story Freak and Max go on quest's to the medical research center, mall, and other every day places. This story is based on a true story.

Who Was King Arthur?

King Arthur was King Uther's little boy that no one knew he had one. When the king died they had a contest to see who could pull the sword out of the stone. When Arthur tried he pulled it right out. After that he was known as King Arthur. Later Merlin, a magician, helped Arthur on his journeys. Also the sword Excalibur was given to Arthur by the Lady of the Lake.  He is mostly known for his kingly leadership, loving rule, and even his ruthless judgement.

The knights at the round table

The knights of the round table were King Arthur's knights. Sir Lancelot was the most known knight at the table. He was also the leader of all the knights. Guinevere, King Arthur wife/Queen, had a secret relationship with Sir Lancelot. The knights at the round table relate to the book because Freak is obsessed with knights and dragons.

Morquio Syndrome

Morquio is a rare disease that affects the major organs and effects your knees, bones, and your spine/chest. If you get it then you could get tiny and stay tiny. Its full name is mucopolysaccharides. Someone is at the risk of getting it when both parents have the defective gene related to it. There are no specific cures for this sickness. This is the syndrome that Freak has. It makes your major organs grow faster than your bones.


Bionics are replacement body parts when you lose them in war or from a sickness. Biomimicry is the imitation of  models. Some examples of studying nature can benefit humans are: sharkskin=swimsuit, termite den=office building, burr=Velcro, whale=turbine, bird=jet, lotus=paint, and bug=water collection. Prosthetics are replacement body parts such as glass eyes, peg legs, and wooden legs. An interesting fact is that most bionics are metal or glass.

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