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Implement Connected Learning Concepts


#visualpoetry (made with @vpoetry)

What fuels the ideas we share? How do we fuel the power needed to move forward?

Click the image to discover the fuel needed to create an education system that once again  "connect education to opportunity!"

#visualpoetry (made with @vpoetry)

We aren't perfect; we're learning by doing, connecting, trying, sharing, collaborating, revising, and making the world better.  We learn by creating, making things [ movies, images, gardens, how-tos, processes] that express our interests and solve issues.

Kids have access to the information needed to pursue their passions, and to learn more about their interests as they acquire academic goals with peer support in their shared purpose in this openly-networked world. They have the power to contribute to the world as they learn and grow, creating solutions to problems found in their interests. This is Connected Learning.

learning together
for better opportunities

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