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Hello, I'm Samantha Brooks.I'm 26 years old and I'm sided with the Union.I live in Ohio (Holmes to be more specific).For these week journal entry I think the most important thing to write is the date, so it's August 7th 1862. I live with my 2 children and my husband Luke Brooks (who is now fighting in the Civil War).

Day 1: April 5th 1862

I woke up this morning and walked downstairs to the kitchen to clean the dishes.Once I was done with the dishes I went outside to get some more water from the well.Next,I came back inside and cleaned the families' load of laundry.When I was done with that I gathered up the food and made breakfast.Once breakfast was done I had more more chores to do,so I started off by feeding the farms animals.Second, I helped the children with their studies.Third, I went out to the markets and bought some groceries.Lastly, I came back to the house and started on dinner.

How do I help with the war effort? Well I make the children write letters in appreciation in hope to higher their morale. We also send in money,medicine,and food to help with supplies and their health.

Day 2: April 9th 1862


It's been 3 days since The Battle of Shiloh and everyone is quite worried.Hopefully you're actually able to read this letter.If so,how are you? Were you hurt at all? Are you okay? Some day this will all be over and you'll be able to come back home and live a normal life again,and that should be the thing to keep you going.The hope that this will all be over soon.


Day 3: April 15th 1862

When I woke up this morning I got straight to work.First, I got the children up and got them ready for school.Next, I cleaned up around the house.Then, I put damp clothes on the line outside.I packed up some more care packages for the soldiers, which consisted of letters, medicine,food,and blankets.

More ways that we help the soldiers are by supplying them with more food,we

Day 4: May 3rd 1862

Dear Sam,

We've received all of your letters, and we're really thankful for the medicine and blankets that you've sent. I do think about what you guys are doing all the time, like how are the kids' schoolwork coming along.Is everything financially okay? As for your question? Yes, I'm okay.No I wasn't majorly harmed in the battle, I mean yeah there were a few scrapes and cuts but nothing major. Honestly the only thing getting me through this dreadful time is that one day we'll be reunited again and we'll live a normal life again.


I held onto the letter and went to find the kids to show them their father's letter.I walked upstairs to find them both doing their schoolwork on their floor.

"Hey look at this,you're father has written us a letter."I smiled as I handed them the paper.

As they read the letter you could see their smiles get bigger and bigger.

Day 5: April 16th 1865

          When I walked into town everyone was running about and some women were even crying. I didn't think much about till I heard someone say "He was assassinated." I starting looking for a newspaper to see if I could find out what happened. Every market had an empty basket; no one had any newspapers.

         As I was walking back, I saw a paper swirling in the wind. I picked it up and saw the headline and I was shocked. My breath caught in my throat. The paper said "ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S ASSASSINATION." A few tears slipped from my eyes, as I read the article.

        I rushed home when I got home Jai, my son, was sitting at the table. He came over to me and asked if I was okay. I showed him the paper and he was shocked.

"Did this happen last night mom?"


"Do you think dad has heard of this yet?"

"I'm not sure honey."

       Later that night there was a knock on the door. I wasn't expecting anyone. When I opened the door I couldn't believe who was in front of me. It was my husband, Luke.

"What are you doing home so soon."

"I came back because I knew you would be distraught, once you heard about the assassination."

     He talked about how that Abe being assassinated all through the night. I will always remember this horrid day.    


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