Interstellar Mood Tackk

by: Mathew, Steven, and Liam


Cooper runs a corn farm with his father-in-law (Donald), his son (Tom), and his daughter (Murphy). Also Cooper wife (Lois Cooper), died some time ago. This picture is good picture for the origins because it shows who Cooper lives with at the farm.

At the Farm there are sand storms often, which means it destroys the crops and food is scarce. This is a good picture because it show what it is like after a sand storm.

The Call

This is the Call of Adventure, when there was a sand storm and Cooper ask if all the windows were closed, but then Murphy ran upstairs in their room. Then they saw the Binary coordinates, marked in dust, which led to the Secret NASA base. I think it’s a good picture because it represent binary.

This would be Cooper and Murphy found coordinates in the house and their now they’re driving to the coordinates that they found (which leads them to the Secrete NASA Base). This is a good picture because it looks like he trying find place from the coordinates Cooper got.


In the movie, this when Cooper goes into space to do the mission with Amelia Brand (Professor John Brands daughter), physicist Romilly, geographer Doyle, CASE, and robot TARS. I think a spaceship going into space is the threshold because he is going from a place that he seen before and knows about it, to a place where he has never been before and to a place he doesn't know much about.

The hand two hand just separating is a good picture because this is when Cooper lets go of his family to go on the mission, but Cooper doesn't want to leave his family on earth. At the same time he also have to leave his family in order to save them and humanity.


A Worthy Sacrifice

One of Copper’s challenges was leaving his daughter behind back on earth and under the protection of a scientist.

The Dying Planet

The resources on earth are nearing its limits and the only thing that is keeping them up is corn but all things considered plants were dying from the cause of nature.

"Those aren’t mountains. Those are                       waves..."

Challenges of the Unknown

Every single thing that they did was always a risk. One wrong move might be the cost of the mission like the time they didn’t know about the tidal waves on the water planet and that unknowing almost cost the two lives but rather it only coast one life and that was enough to decrees their moral of doing the mission.

Thoughts of False Hope

Cooper as a father has to carry the burden of the thought of leaving his family so he can save them and humanity.

The Abyss

Leaving his family behind and going to a mission that’s unknown is where he steps into the deep abyss and also to know the secrets of the false hope that the scientist has been keeping. A couple of years later they rescued Mr. Man who was in deep sleep after so many years. They were hopping for Mr. Man to help them but the only thing they got was the truth, a loss, and betrayal.

Transformation and Revelation

As cooper lets go of his own want to see his family and thinks bigger than that and gives up his life so humanity will survive. As he falls into the black hole he is transported into the fifth dimension presented to him as a tesseract world. He is looking back at his daughter’s room and he sees himself leaving. He becomes her ghost and realizes that he as to send back the information on where the NASA base is and how to solve the equation that will save them.

The Return

Copper is taken back to his dimension and makes peace with his daughter at the same time he feels lost in his own world with about 80 years passing.

The Call II

Merph laying in her death bed convinces him that he needs to search for Amelia. Which is his call to adventure for his next journey.

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